Named the “Most Conservative Legislator in Georgia”.

Matt Gurtler for Congress

Christian. Father. Husband. Homebuilder. Firearms Instructor.

“We are proud to support & endorse Matt Gurtler for Georgia’s 9th Congressional district! Once in Congress, Matt will fight along side President Donald J. Trump to push back against the policies of the radical left! Please join us in supporting him in his August 11th runoff!”

“Matt Gurtler is a proven conservative who has stood strong against out-of-control government spending and the special interests in Atlanta. He is the exact type of conservative leader we need in Washington who will defend liberty and will serve the people of Georgia’s ninth district, not the DC insiders. He has my full and total endorsement.”

Senator Rand Paul

I am a Limited-Government Conservative Republican.

In Congress, I will fight to protect your right to keep and bear arms, work to stop government interference in the free market, stand firm to protect life at every chance, advocate to reduce or eliminate taxes, fight to keep government out of marriage and fight for school choice, local control and parental rights in education.

Click on the links below to read more detail about my pledge in each of these areas.

Gun Rights





Donald Trump

Border Security

Military & Veterans

Religion & Speech

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